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Four Lesson Plans
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These lesson plans are brand new. A couple of months ago, we researched keyboarding in schools and found that formal keyboarding lessons usually took place in Grades 5-6
These days, with computers being introduced to students in Kindergarten, this meant that children were "playing" with the keyboard for 5-6 years and, worse, getting into the bad habit of typing with two fingers. We felt this was such a waste of time and frustrating for children and teachers
We looked at other typing tutors and realized why keyboarding wasn't taught earlier. Despite being spiced up with games, music and falling letters on the screen, other they subject the user to mindlessly, repetitively hitting the same key over and over to remember it and typing random letters . . . young children wouldn't understand what they were doing and why they were doing it
So, I created my four lesson plans to give teachers a better understanding of (and promote) Nail It Now Typing Tutor. Young children love jumping around and learning anything to do with the computer and I could just imagine them going home to their parents and saying "Dad, you are using the wrong finger". Then, I created a Children's version for Grades 3-6 (using computers instead of the floor game)
A Nail It Now Multi-User Licence for Schools costs Aust$420 (US$320 on today's exchange rates) but, if you order in August, 2006 (while I am promoting the lesson plans . . . because I feel a bit underhand giving Lessons 1 and 2 free and not Lessons 3 and 4), you automatically get a 50% discount . . . for US$160, you get the four lesson plans, Children's version (Grades 3-6 learn the keyboard in 2 easy lessons using their computers) and the original Adult version, so everyone at the school can learn to type (even the teachers). There's no limit on the number of users and, also, no time restraints . . . which, again, is different to other typing tutors. This is the link to the Secure Order Form > > >
We have created a giant keyboard (floor) game lesson plan, which can be used by K-5 teachers (parents too) that is a fun and simple way to teach young children which finger hits which key. Feel free to try it for yourself.
Younger and younger children are imitating older siblings and parents by wanting to work with computers
Remember that, in the earlier years, students are developing their larger muscle groups. Later, when they begin to develop the small muscle groups, they learn to print, write cursively, cut with scissors, and so on. How young is too young? pre-K children are using computers
And ALL you need to do is sit comfortably beside your child
at the computer and open a Microsoft Word document
Animals Snow Dig Food Greedily
Within 5 minutes, your child will be typing the words:
add as dad fad gad gag gas sad sag
Mrs Nilda Bienes had this to say
after trying the FREE Preview with her son
"I just taught my 11 year old (who gets BORED with ANY repetitous task and gives up or whines and even cries wanting to stop). But after about a minute on your preview sample, HE CONTINUED effortlessly, for the first time. WE BOTH enjoyed each other, me teaching him and him learning it! I kept looking at the other FREEBIES the internet had to offer to learn, but it does not compare to your method!
I have to admit the price seemed a little high, when I think that he almost has learned half of what is needed . . . but I just couldn't bear the thought of teaching him those other ways and that's why I decided to go ahead and buy your course! I hope the rest is as practical and EASY to learn as the preview?! THANKS"
Nilda Bienes
Casselberry, FL USA
May 27, 2005
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