Dear Parents,

In the next couple of weeks, your child will be learning an exciting new method of keyboarding. This method involves direct instruction from the teacher and lots of initial practice using the Nail It Now typing method. We will be learning the letters on the keyboard and correct finger use with this method. Students say aloud quirky association words as they type the letters.

"Proper" keyboarding will be expected and reinforced in all computer use after students have mastered this keyboarding method. It would be most helpful if you could provide support for your child by asking about the keyboarding method and encouraging your child to complete his/her keyboarding homework and practice.

It is not necessary to have a computer for your child to practice this keyboarding method. Practice could be as simple as having your child review the quirky association words aloud or on a paper keyboard while in the car as you are running errands or at the table while you are cooking dinner, using an old typewriter, or using your computer, of course.

After the initial training, we will be sending work home, such as spelling words, vocabulary words, etc. that would allow them additional practice. We enclose herewith the two "key" pages that contain the LEFT and RIGHT association words, which will enable you to prompt your child if he or she forgets the location of a key. We also enclose 30 removable, adhesive dots (for placing on the alpha keys of your home computer (if you have one). Could you please color the F and J dots to help your child place his or her fingers correctly on the Home keys. Please encourage your child to continue to use proper fingering and to continue practicing.

This will be an important time for your child to learn and improve his/her keyboarding skills. Your child has the opportunity to develop proper keyboarding habits that will last a lifetime and enhance his/her ability to word process assignments, while also improving language arts skills. Your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and will impact your child's success with this method.

Thank you,

<Teacherís Name>