Dear Parents,

Your child is learning an exciting new method of keyboarding. It's called the Nail It Now keyboarding method and we will be learning the letters on the keyboard and correct finger use with this method. When we type, we mentally split the keyboard into two sides, left-hand letters and right-hand letters. This method teaches first the left side of the keyboard and, then, the right side; this is much easier for children. Students say aloud word associations as they type, first a home row sentence and, then, five up and down association words for each side.

We enclose herewith the two "key" pages that contain all the LEFT and RIGHT association words. It is not necessary for you to have a home computer for your child to practice this keyboarding method. Practice could be as simple as having your child review the quirky association words aloud, first the home row sentence and, then, the five up and down associations, whenever you have a spare minute, at the table while you are cooking dinner, in a waiting room, walking the dog, etc. Alternatively, they could use a paper keyboard, an old typewriter or your computer, of course.

With this method, there's no need for your child to ever look at the keys. He or she just needs to sit calmly and say the home row sentence and, then, the TOP and BOTTOM row quirky association words aloud. You can also use the two "key" pages to prompt your child.

We also enclose 30 removable, adhesive dots (for placing on the alpha keys of your home computer (if you have one). Could you please color the F and J dots to help your child place his or her fingers correctly on the correct Home keys.

"Proper" keyboarding will be expected and reinforced in all computer use after students have learned this keyboarding method. It would be most helpful if you could provide support for your child and encouragement to continue to use proper fingering and to continue practicing.

This will be an important time for your child to learn and improve his/her keyboarding skills. Your child has the opportunity to develop proper keyboarding habits that will last a lifetime and enhance his/her ability to word process assignments, while also improving language arts skills. Your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and will impact your child's success with this method.

Thank you,

<Teacherís Name>