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Offer extended for a limited period
(several Districts have requested more time)

Nail It Now is offering School District Licences
at the dramatically reduced price of $269
in return for a 30-minute "pilot" of the Nail It Now
keyboarding method in ONE class in ONE school
HOW your School District can "win" in 2009
Touch typing is simply learning correct finger use
and, then, practice, practice
In 2009, using the three versions of the Nail It Now method, every single student in your District can learn the letters on the keyboard and correct finger use in 2 hours
Fast learning and continual use results in automaticity
Students, then, practice this newly-learned skill using the Nail It Now word-pattern exercises. They are, then, ready to continually practice keyboarding in their daily "real" work in school and at home
Compare this to the:
1 Thousands of dollars School Districts currently spend on:
o Keyboarding games "familiarity" software for Grades K-2 that produce little or no return AND expose young children to the bad habit of typing with two fingers
"As if you can just give kids a game to play and they'll master keyboarding! I have watched kids at this age play many different keyboard training "games" hoping (vainly) to find such a magic bullet program"
o Formal keyboarding instruction software for Higher Grade Elementary students that do not produce optimum results
"Even AFTER several weeks of an introduction to proper fingering technique, when they play the games that are supposed to reinforce those lessons, most children will drop everything they've learned about proper fingering and just revert to two-finger "pecking" to GET POINTS (or whatever quick rewards the game offers)"
2 Many hours of curriculum time spent by students, first, playing typing games and, then, typing repetitive random letters and practising in sporadic sessions while "locked" in a program
o Keyboarding is a vital skill for modern life and could truly make a difference in the classroom
o A student who can't touch type is going to lose many hours of valuable study time
o Mastery of keyboarding at a young age will make learning any program in the future substantially easier
Compare this to the student outcomes currently being achieved using keyboarding software programs over several years. Compare eight of these programs to the Nail It Now method
Many Department Educational Technology Standards & Expectations require Grades K-2 students, by the end of Grade 2, to simply recognize, name and be able to label the keyboard and Grades 3-5 students, by the end of Grade 5, to know proper keyboarding positions and touch-typing techniques. Nail It Now students learn these positions and techniques in Grade 1
HOW every single student
can learn the keyboard and correct finger use in 2 hours
WHAT NEXT? This newly-learned skill is integrated with
class curriculum work and computer use at home
until keyboarding becomes automatic
WHY this special offer?
WHAT Districts need to do
to take up this special offer

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