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NO time in the curriculum for keyboarding classes?
NO trained keyboarding teachers?
NOT enough computers?
Money is tight?
It takes just 2 lessons (4 lessons for Grades 1 and 2) to teach any child the letters on the keyboard and correct finger use, using fun association words
Then, after word-pattern exercises, pupils use their "real" work in class to practice, which costs schools nothing
NO teacher training is required and limited computer access in school or at home is NOT a problem
"While searching the Internet, I found your typing method and fell in love with the concept. My original thought was to teach the JK-1st graders lesson one in the winter quarter. However, when the older classes were struggling with typing skills, I saw the need to share the acrostic poems with them, and voila! the lights went on!"
Rett Paulsen, West Palm Beach, Florida
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"If we never try new things,
we'll never find new things that work
—Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education
After the two lessons, integration of this new learning with class curriculum activities is easy and saves schools the hours of precious curriculum time currently spent on keyboarding classes and costs nothing.
Every student can learn to touch type:
1 A classroom teaching version for early elementary school students
2 A classroom teaching version for higher grade elementary school students
3 A self-teaching version for everyone
Locking students away in software keyboarding programs that use random letter typing repetition, takes too long and achieves too little
To nail the growing two-finger typing epidemic in schools and enable students to not only meet, but easily exceed, today's regulatory standards and writing assessments, schools need the fast, simple, effective and low-cost Nail It Now touch keyboarding method
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