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Could your fourth graders type their NAEP writing assessments on a computer?
. . . they will be expected to do this in 2019

Vastly improved keyboarding outcomes in elementary schools are now a necessity, not a choice
You can continue with traditional keyboarding software programs that take too long, achieve too little and are too complex
You can try an innovative keyboarding method that teaches children correct technique FAST and, then, enables them to practise this newly-learned skill in the classroom
Can you imagine how many hours of curriculum time this would save?
At the special price of US$10 per school, the Nail It Now non-software method is fast, simple and easy. Students want to learn. Practice is integrated with class instruction, saving precious curriculum time and money. It levels the playing field for all students. It is flexible because it is not software. It addresses all types of learning styles. In short, it works
This dramatically reduced price is a never-to-be-repeated offer in return for feedback after a 30-minute "pilot" of the Nail It Now keyboarding method in ONE class in ONE school and is only available to School Districts that receive this email
"If we never try new things,
we'll never find new things that work
—Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education
HOW every single student
can learn the keyboard and correct finger use in 2 hours
WHAT NEXT? This newly-learned skill is integrated with
class curriculum work and computer use at home
until keyboarding becomes automatic
WHY this special offer?
WHAT Districts need to do
to take up this special offer

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