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Preparation (Lessons 1 and 2)
The easiest way to create a LEFT side keyboard is to tape the plastic pockets to the floor in the gym or other appropriate room. For a more permanent, easily-stored keyboard, you can use a plain plastic shower curtain
The easiest way to create the keys is to print the below PDF documents on the appropriate colored paper:
11 white cards
6 red cards
5 green cards
6 blue cards
9 orange cards
Backspace key and space bar
Alternatively, you can write the letters yourself
On 11 white cards, write: Q W E R T Z X C V B G
On 6 red cards, write: A Animals Q Z Quick Zoo
On 5 green cards, write: S Snow W X White
On 6 blue cards, write: D Dig E C Easter Chocolate
On 9 orange cards, write: F Food Grass R V Raw Vegetables Teddy Biscuits (draw a "bump" on the F key)
Create a backspace key and space bar
Lesson 1
Insert the 15 LEFT side letter cards (white Q W E R T Z X C V B G red A green S blue D orange F) into their correct pockets and keep the 5 color word keys Animals Snow Dig Food Grass handy. Tape the backspace key and space bar onto the keyboard
Lesson 2
Replace the 8 white letter cards Q W E R Z X C V with their color letter cards (leave T and B white) and keep the 9 color word keys Quick Zoo White (the X word is X) Easter Chocolate Raw Vegetables Teddy Biscuits handy

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