Create A Simple Border Background
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Before you start, click here to see this background on a web page
A=Menu Bar B=Tool Bar C=Tool Palette D=Color Palette
1 Download Paint Shop Pro 5.0. It's FREE for a month's trial
B 2 Click "New" - see picture to the left and, then, find it on B (Tool Bar) above
3 Enter Width=140 Height=140, click OK
D 4 Click the top box of the two boxes
5 Click on any color in the "Basic Colors" square, click OK
C 6 Click "Flood Fill"
7 Click anywhere inside "Image 1"
8 Click "New" again to open a second image, "Image 2"
9 Enter Width=6 Height=140, click OK
10 Click the top box of the two boxes again (this will show your first color)
11 Click a second color in "Basic Colors", click OK
12 Click "Flood Fill
13 Click on the vertical line
Note that "Image 2" is selected, ie, the top of the image box is blue. "Image 1" is green (not selected)
B 14 Click "Copy"
15 Click the top of "Image 1" (the green area) to select it
A 16 Click "Edit/Paste/As New Selection"
17 With your mouse, MOVE (DON'T click) the vertical line to the right of the image and, when in position, click
C 18 To check that it is positioned correctly, click "Zoom" and, then, click anywhere in the image
C 19 If it is NOT in the right position, click "Selection" and, then, move your mouse over the vertical line (you will see a crossbar with four tiny arrows at the ends)
20 Click and hold down your mouse and move it into the right position
C 21 Click "Zoom" again
B 22 Click "Toggle Control Palette". Click the down arrow beside the "Zoom" box and select "1:1" to go back to your original size
C 23 Close the "Controls" box by clicking the small "x" in the top right corner
D 24 Click the bottom box of the two boxes this time
25 Click a third color in "Basic Colors", click OK
A 26 Click "Image/Canvas Size"
27 Under "Dimensions", enter Width=1200 Height=140, under "Image Placement", click the "Center Image Vertically" box and, then, click OK
Voila, you have your new background, which you now need to save to a folder (directory) on your computer
A 28 Click "Colors/Decrease Color Depth/256 Colors (8-bit)" and click OK
A 29 Click "File/Save As"
30 Note that the "File Name" box is blue and flickering. This means that it is active and you can simply type over the existing text, so type a name for your background, eg, "back"
31 Click the down arrow beside the "Save as Type" box, (a drop-down menu appears), scroll up and click on "CompuServe Graphics Interchange (* .gif)
32 Click the down arrow beside the "Save In" box and click on your "C drive"
33 Double click the "Images" folder
34 Click "Save"
35 Note your new name at the top of the image
36 Close your image by clicking the small "x" in the top right corner
37 Close the second image the same way and, then, click "No" to "Save change to Image?"
* * * Have Fun! * * *
Please email support@nailitnow.com.au if you have any questions
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