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You need to connect to the Internet to download "WinZip" and "Paint Shop Pro 5.0". They are both "shareware", which means that you can download them to your computer and "try before you buy", usually for a month. Plenty of time for you to create a nice-looking logo and background. I have listed the actual web sites here, but you can also download these two and lots of other great shareware at
Don't download until you are ready to create your logo and background. You will, then, have a month to play with it. If you like the program and think you would get a lot of use out of it, you can, then, register and pay for it. We did
You need "WinZip" to unzip any shareware software you download. We are presuming that you have Windows 95 on your computer
WinZip Evaluation Version
You need "WinZip" to unzip any shareware software you download. Connect to the Internet, go to and click on Download Evaluation Version
It will take a little while, but you can keep browsing the Internet while it is downloading. You will, then, get a screen asking you where you would like WinZip to go on your computer. We usually type "C:\Program Files"
Paint Shop Pro
Connect to the Internet and go to On the blue menu, click on Downloads and, then, Evaluation Software. This takes you to the Download screen. Scroll down to Windows 95 and Higher and select Paint Shop Pro 7.01. Then click Download
"Paint Shop Pro" is a great graphics program. We have used it for every graphic on this site
When it stops downloading, a WinZip box will open, which you fill in, it is unzipped and a file box pops up
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