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Step 1: Is your computer OK?
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If you want to access the internet and have your own web site, some of the older computers (for example, the 386) are just not worth the hassle. They are out-of-date and would need disk space and memory upgrades. Nor do they have processor cards, graphics cards or the physical slots required
I have a friend who has a 486 and accesses the internet OK (she doesn't have a web site), BUT Helen had a 486 and experienced so many difficulties when the family decided to go on the internet, they went out and bought a new computer
If you want a business web site, I feel you need quality tools and it's worth paying the money in the long run
Buying a new computer
Four years ago, I walked out (very dramatic!) on a well-paid job. I decided that I wanted to work for myself and the first step was to buy a home computer. I found the process of buying a computer very INTIMIDATING! I felt so stupid in the store when the salesman talked about megabytes, ram, bits, etc, I nearly ran out the door! I didn't have a clue!
The first decision I faced was whether to buy a brand name or a non-brand name computer. I met someone who built computers as a hobby. He said that he had to rely on others for quite a few components. He went on to say that he could guarantee the quality of his work, but NOT the quality of the other components. Based on this, I decided to buy a brand name computer
This decision was easy compared to the ones that followed. How much memory, video memory, hard disk space did I want? What cards did I want? It went on and on. Oh and, by the way, you do know your computer will probably be obsolete in a year or so. My head was reeling
When I buy anything, I always think of the number of times I will use it and, if I am going to use it a lot, I buy quality. I applied this principle to buying a computer. Hey, this was going to be my bread and butter in the future (fingers crossed)!
SO I cut through all the decisions and simply bought the second-best Hewlett Packard computer on the market at that time (the top Hewlett Packard had a built-in scanner and I figured I didn't need that). I have been thrilled with it from day 1. Their instruction booklet on setting it up was so easy, even I could do it, ie, this green bit goes into this green bit, etc. It was actually fun
Whew, decisions over! NO, one more! Accessories! What "Windows" upgrade did I want? Here we go again. Most computers come with basic Windows and you need to buy an upgrade. I went for Microsoft Office at the time, which included Word, Powerpoint, Excell, Encyclopaedia Encarta and lots of games
I bought my computer/accessories on 7 August, 1996 for Aust.$4,864 (around US$3,040). The computer cost Aust.$4,395 and the "Microsoft Office" package cost Aust.$469. Hewlett Packard had a special on HP 7122 computers, which included a HP 600 deskjet colour/color printer and they threw in a colour/color cartridge and printer cable
But the GOOD news is that the price of computers has almost HALVED. Helen bought the equivalent Hewlett Packard computer to mine for the whole family to use earlier this year and she paid around HALF what I did AND she has the latest "bells and whistles"
Below I list the specifications of my computer and Helen's. If the salesman says "THIS particular computer has so much RAM", you can check it against my specifications and KNOW that I set up this web site (and adding to it all the time) and my new US web site (which I co-own with Helen) using the below computer specifications
Georgie Helen
HP Pavilion 7122 - 1996 HP Pavilion 6308 - 1999
$4864, including Microsoft Office $2899, including Microsoft Office
Intel 133 MHz Pentium microprocessor 300MHz AMD-K6-2
16 MB EDO RAM 48 MB SD RAM memory
1620 MB hard drive Extra large 6 GB hard drive
6 x CD-ROM drive 32 x max. speed CD-ROM drive
3.5" 1.44 MB built-in floppy drive Ultra expandable and upgradable with 3 free bays and 4 free slots
MMX enhanced processor with 3Dnow! technology
512 KB L2 Cache
Realistic 3D graphics with up to 4MB SMA video memory
2USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports for easy plug and play
Accelerated 64-bit PCI local bus video
IMB video RAM for high resolution graphics
MPEG for full screen, full-motion video
Industry standard 16-bit sound
3-D Spatializer sound Crystal clear 3D stereo sound
28.8 Kbps fax/data modem K56 Flex Data/Fax Modem (V.90 Upgradable)
Telephone answering machine/voicemail Telephone answering machine/voicemail
HP/Altac Lansing stereo speakers Polk Audio stereo speakers
Windows 95 keyboard One-touch enhanced keyboard
2-button mouse 2-button mouse
Toll-free hardware support Toll-free hardware support
1-year warranty 1-year limited hardware warranty
Year 2000 compliant
Passed HP's 1,000 point quality inspection
Now, where to buy your computer
It's best to buy from a store that has been recommended to you by family/friends for their support after you buy just in case you need help. Otherwise, go to the computer department of a large emporium with a reputation they want to protect. You will pay more, but you will have peace of mind
Please email if you have any questions
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