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Nail It Now Typing Tutor takes under 2 hours and is amazingly easy
"I just taught my 11 year old (who gets BORED with ANY repetitous task and gives up or whines and even cries wanting to stop). But after about a minute on your preview sample, HE CONTINUED effortlessly, for the first time. WE BOTH enjoyed each other, me teaching him and him learning it! I kept looking at other typing tutors the internet had to offer, but they did not compare to your method!"
Nilda Bienes, Casselberry, FL USA
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The Nail It Now Typing Tutor Schools Multi-User Licence now includes:
1 A classroom teaching version for early elementary school students
2 A classroom teaching version for higher grade elementary school students
3 A self-teaching version for everyone
So everyone at the school can learn to type, even the teachers
Nail It Now Tutorial Succeeds Where Mavis Beacon Failed
"I get my ultimate satisfaction when I tell real typists about teaching myself to type, then watch their reaction when they hear I was able to use all 10 fingers within the first hour"
Hub: Digital Living magazine reviewed
Nail It Now Typing Tutor and this is an excerpt
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One of the best things about Nail It Now Typing Tutor is that you are not stuck in a typing tutor software program mindlessly hitting keys that pop up and typing random letters. You understand WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it
With all Nail It Now tutorials, you get results FAST
This gives you an immediate thrill and CONFIDENCE!
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