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Step 6: Delegate your Domain Name
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Delegation is more of an issue when transferring a domain from one web host to another. As mine was a new domain, all I had to do was provide Internet Names Australia with the names of Hiway's 3 Domain Name SERVERS (Hiway provided these names) and my Admin and Tech NIC handles (see "Step 5: Domain Name", number 17 under "Important")
How I Delegated my Australian domain name (
Internet Names Australia
Level 3, 207 Bouverie Street
Carlton, Victoria 3053
Ph: 1800 354 595 or 9344 9366
Fax: 9349 4267
1 Connect to the internet and key in
2 Click "Online Delegation/Redelegation Form"
IGNORE the "authorisation form" link. Your domain name is new and hasn't been delegated. This only applies to domain names that are already delegated and the owner wants to change to another web host's SERVERS
3 Email Address
4 Domain Name
Self-explanatory (don't include "www.")
5 Admin NIC handle
eg, BA1-AU
6 4. Tech NIC handle
eg, BA1-AU (same as Admin NIC handle)
Name Server Information
7 Primary Server
8 Secondary Server eg, NS2.NAMESERVERS.NET and
9 Additional Secondary Server
(only fill in if your web host has more than two Domain Name SERVERS)
Mail Exchange Information
DON'T complete this section
10 Click SUBMIT
This took me to a form which said "The delegation request has been passed via email to COM.AU at Melbourne IT. You will not receive any further correspondence with respect to this request. If the Name SERVERS, as listed on your form, are functioning correctly, the delegation will be done
They WERE and my domain name WAS delegated. This meant that, instead of using my IP address to go to my new web site (as I had been doing), I could now use
How I Delegated my US domain name (
I didn't have to. Hiway have a direct account with InterNIC (the US domain name authority) and look after all US domain name registrations and delegation is done automatically when my domain name was registered. All I had to do was pay the registration invoice InterNIC emailed me. By the way, the US use the word "propagation" NOT delegation
* * *
Now all the official stuff was completed, I could concentrate on the design of my web site (see Step 7: Web Site Designer)
Please email if you have any questions
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