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Create a New Folder on your Computer named "images"
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1 Right click on the picture or background
2 Click "Save Picture As" or "Save Background As", whichever appears
The "File name" box is active (ie, it is highlighted and flickering), so you simply type the name of your file (picture) over the existing words
3 Type the name of your "picture" or "background"
If you are naming a logo, name it logo_____. If you are naming a background, name it back______
4 Click the down arrow to the right of the "Save in:" box
5 Click on your computer's "C" drive
If you haven't already created your "images" folder
a Click and a new folder appears. It is active, so you simply type "images" over the words "New Folder"
b Type "images"
c Double click your new "images" folder
6 Double click "images"
7 Click "Save"
After you save your first picture, your "images" folder will open automatically when you save the next one, so ignore steps 3, 4 and 5 and just click "Save"
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