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Think about the Search Engines First
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Many web designers say that they will submit your new web site to 1,000+ search engines, which sounds great
What they DON'T tell you is how quick and easy it is to do this (they simply go to a submittal web site (there are heaps), type in your web site and email addresses, click Submit and that's it! Your web site is submitted to 1,000+ search engines automatically
Also, I wouldn't dream of using a submittal web site to submit to the top deep search engines nor the Directories, particularly Yahoo. They're much too important! I submit my web site manually.
The other thing they don't tell you is that there's a whole lot more to getting good search engine rankings for your web site than simply submitting. That's the easy part. I designed my web site initially without even thinking about the search engines and, then, had to turn around and spend weeks re-doing it
I learnt the hard way that at the very beginning of setting up a web site, you must keep the search engines in mind. OK, one of the first things you do is choose a domain name, probably your company name. I chose nailitnow because it was catchy (I wanted "justdoit", but that name was already taken by a well-known company) and it "said" what this site is all about; stop thinking about it - just nail it now
This was my first step as a webmaster and, already, I had made two major search engine mistakes: 1) if possible, your PRODUCT should be part of your web site address and 2) most directories, eg, Yahoo, list web sites in alphabetical order. I have three products on my web site so, even today, I couldn't add my product to my web site address, but I could have chosen a name beginning with one of the first few letters of the alphabet
OK, your product in your web site address is important if it is possible, but what else? Let's take the page you usually design first, your Home page. Many people use their Home page to tell visitors how good they are. Wrong. Visitors won't read all this stuff; they want to see WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER! (I think your About Us page is where you could brag a little about your company and products if you wanted to)
The title, description and keywords in your meta tags are search engine important, but so is every word on the page. It MATTERS how many times your keywords appear in the first 25 words and, then, the rest of your page, keyword density of the whole page (ie, the ratio of keyword to non-keyword on your page), whether you use heading tags on your page, etc
And how do you choose which keywords to use for your products? I decided that searchers wanting to learn to type would search for "touch typing". WRONG again (more wasted weeks re-doing my web pages)
Google has a wonderfully helpful tool for webmasters at Google Suggest Keyword Suggestion Scraper Tool. you type in your chosen keyword, eg: "typing" and it displays all the related keywords
typing test 3950
typing 3113
typing tutor 2508
touch typing 251
So, why would anyone think it's so fantastic if a web site designer says that they will submit your web site to 1,000+ search engines? That's the easy part!
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