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It's time to stop talking about when keyboarding should be taught in schools and take action
Action is the only way to resolve the issue of when keyboarding should be taught in schools, but this is not happening. The debate continues, with two opposing views:
The hands of young children are too small
"The issue with kids is not the typing activity specifically. It's really no different from them learning the Suzuki method of violin or anything like that where they have repetitive, independent finger motion. There is no developmental problem with starting kids typing early" . . Dr. Alton Barron, a hand surgeon at the C. V. Starr Hand Surgery Center in Manhattan
"Personal experience tells me that teaching keyboarding at 5 or 6 yrs of age works well. That's when many piano students start their "keyboarding" so we know that physically they are very capable. Children I know who have been keyboarding since they were 4 years old are now intermediate elem students and typing at about 35 to 45 wpm" . . . Comment on TechLearning.com
Young children do not have the eye-hand motor coordination to learn keyboarding skills earlier than around Grade 4
"If you combine keyboarding with letter-recognition and hand-eye coordination activities in Grades K-3, then you provide a developmentally appropriate skill that helps reinforce classroom learning and develop fine motor skills. To wait is to deprive the student of a foundational skill" . . Vic Jaras, technology coordinator for the Battle Creek (Michigan) Schools, told Education World
Young children need to learn their own way
"Keyboarding should absolutely be introduced early. It is difficult to break a bad habit. Once the students learn to hunt and peck, they truly believe that there is no other comfortable way to type" . . . Comment on TechLearning.com
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