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The Nail It Now typing tutor method is especially suited to meeting the needs and interests of young children
It's a fast, fun way for young children, who are already fascinated by computers, to learn correct finger use, it addresses all types of learning styles and parents are pleased that their children want to learn
"I teach computer to students K-5. I used the plans with the gym teacher for lower grades. It got the idea across much easier than any software I currently have! The movement and floor work really involved them and piqued their interest in the actual keyboard"
Cynthia Astacio
Computer Teacher, Grades K-5
P.S. 304 Casimir Pulaski School
Brooklyn, NY USA

April 29, 2008
"This is what I did with just a day left of school. I taped the letters to the floor in the gym. Then the kids sat up on the bleachers for a birds-eye view with 4 kids doing the home row for the left hand and Mr. Spacebar. I switched kids after a few words, then switched to the other hand. I handed out pretend keyboards on laminated paper to those who weren't actively participating. That kept the rest of the kids as much on task as I could ask for on the last day
Of course we would have been more methodical about this if we had more time and wouldn't have done it all in 1 afternoon. But the kids lasted a long time, really enjoyed it and I'm sure learned too. Before picking up the letters, I told another 2nd grade teacher what we'd been doing and she decided to try it too. Your lessons were fun and educational. I definitely plan to use them again next year with better preparation and time management. Still, it was a fun last day activity"
Sue Papenfuss
Grade 2 Teacher
Buhler Grade School
Buhler, KS USA

24 May, 2008
It addresses all types of learning styles:
"The benefits are the kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learners are all getting to learn their way. It uses all the senses and any time a child can see as well as do, they remember better. I will teach my keyboarding classes this way from now on. It's fabulous!"
Cindy Holt
K-4 Elementary Coordinator
Winfield Elementary, Alabama, USA

September 15, 2006
. . . and parents are pleased that their children want to learn:
"We are home schoolers, so this morning's lesson will now be TYPING. Your program looks great to me, I have done typing courses in the past, but this makes much more sense. My son had lots of fun just using the demo and he GOT it, so we bought it! You know we had so much fun with this on Friday. I had to stop the school day after going 1 hour overtime. My son wanted to keep playing! (myself included) He was at it again today (Saturday in Oz) lol"
Steven & Wassana Thonphui
Pascoe Vale, Victoria Australia

August 11, 2007
"It went nicely; the kids have been walking around saying "animals in the snow dig for food" like a chant. It is very sweet. The parents are thrilled, even to just introduce keyboarding to them. They are 4 years old. Before I got there, the teachers turned on the computers with no keyboards and the kids just shared a game. Now that I have started this, they actually are typing letters. No major words yet since they can't really read, but they can type aaaaa sssss ddddd fffff, etc with the right fingers"
Maria McKenzie
Enrichment Teacher, Science and Computers
Anne Brower's Nursery and Pre-1 (ages 2-7)
Huntington, NY USA

May 9, 2007
"I just taught my 11 year old (who gets BORED with ANY repetitious task and gives up or whines and even cries wanting to stop). But after about a minute on your preview sample, HE CONTINUED effortlessly, for the first time. WE BOTH enjoyed each other, me teaching him and him learning it! I kept looking at other typing tutors the internet had to offer, but they did not compare to your method!""
Nilda Bienes
Casselberry, FL USA

May 27, 2005
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