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The question of when keyboarding should be taught in schools has been widely debated since the early 1990s and, years later, it is still being debated
The Education World article entitled "Keyboarding Skills: When Should They Be Taught?" sums up the thinking of educators who support the "familiarity" typing games approach for early elementary school students
"Most research supports starting students on formal keyboarding around grade 4. All kids do not have the eye-hand motor coordination to learn keyboarding skills earlier than that
That isn't to say that nothing can be done with keyboarding before grade 4. It's good for students to get familiar with the keyboard in the earlier grades
We encourage students to pretend there's a line down the middle of the keyboard and to keep the right hand to the right of the line and the left hand to the left. We also encourage them to type with more than one finger because they may tend to use just the index finger. For later instruction, it's good for students to develop the habit of using more than one finger early on"
Other educators can see no reason why early elementary school students shouldn't start learning "proper" typing in Grade 1
The repetitive random letter typing of traditional software-based methods surely has to be a factor in why this debate continues. Possibly, educators believe there is no alternative method
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