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CLICK HERE for the lesson plans for Grade 1 called "A Fun, Alternative Way to Teach Children Keyboarding" that could revolutionize the teaching of keyboarding in schools
These days, computers are introduced in Kindergarten, BUT there are NO formal keyboarding lessons until Grades 5-6
Until Grades 5-6, children just "play" with the keyboard. This is a waste of time (and frustrating) for teachers AND children and, worse, children get into the bad habit of typing with two fingers; sometimes, for life, eg:
"I am the technology coordinator at my school and nothing else bothers me more than when students come into the lab and have absolutely NO idea where the keys are or how you go about typing. In this case, I am talking about students as old as 10 to 13"
Despite being spiced up with games, music and falling letters on the screen, ALL typing tutors we looked at subject the user to mindlessly, repetitively hitting the same key over and over to remember it and typing random letters. Young children wouldn't understand what they were doing and why they were doing it
So we created a game for Grade Levels K-2 using a giant keyboard on the floor (children love to jump about) which makes sense and is easy to understand and use
"These lesson plans provide a developmentally appropriate way to introduce the computer keyboard to young children using manipulatives and mnemonics to help them remember key locations. The game is very simple and straightforward, but the ideas are the important part"
After the lessons, can you imagine these young children going home to their parents and saying "Mum/Dad, you are using the wrong finger"
Keyboarding is the most important computer skill anyone can learn and it would be a "feather in the cap" for any State, District or Teacher to have K-2 schoolchildren knowing the keyboard BEFORE they started using computers
. . . AND it would go way beyond the current technology expectations, save technical and non-technical teachers heaps of time and give children CONFIDENCE (the key to learning any new computer skill)
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