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Nail It Now and Stop the Two-Finger Typing Epidemic
24 January 2006
Port Melbourne, 24 January 2006: "A concert pianist who played the piano with two fingers would be laughed off the stage, so why are we ignoring the growing prevalence of two-finger typing in our schools and businesses?"
Time is money and two-finger typists are wasting huge amounts of it according to Georgie Farmer, creator of Nail It Now, an innovative on-line typing tutor that can have anyone aged 8 to 80 years touch typing in only two hours.
Georgie said learning to type in schools seemed to be a hit and miss affair with some primary and secondary schools teaching typing while others did not. She said the national two-finger typing epidemic could be nailed if all children were taught to touch type when they first started using computers.
One solution, Georgie said, would be for schools to list a typing tutor on student book lists as an optional extra for parents to buy, but it was not the whole solution. The way typing was taught was also a problem. She said it had not fundamentally changed since the advent of the typewriter.
"Most typing tutors today, despite being spiced-up with games, music or falling letters on the screen, still subject students to days or weeks of mindless, repetitive hitting of keys until they learn which finger hits which key. Children can easily become disheartened and discouraged and revert back to the familiar old two-finger habit."
Georgie applied some lateral thinking to the problem after a frustrated neighbour, who had been trying to learn to type the conventional way for five weeks, asked her for help.
"I took a long look at the keyboard and realised you could split it into two identical sides. I felt it would be easier to learn one side at a time. I assigned a quirky sentence, Animals in the Snow Dig for Food, to the left side home row along with association words to the top and bottom rows. My neighbour mastered the left side of the keyboard in 35 minutes."
Georgie said the Nail It Now typing tutor, which currently sells online to 50 countries, was different in every way. There were no bells and whistles and no downloading of software or special computer requirements. The tutor comprises how it works pages and action pages with left and right side exercises and can be downloaded and printed online at
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