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Step 3: Internet Service Provider (ISP)
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My COMPUTER, on its own, can't access the Internet. Using SOFTWARE (Microsoft Explorer), I connect via a modem and phone line to my ISP's SERVER, which is connected to the Internet
ISPs offer various packages, eg, you can pay an hourly fee (this can be as high as Aust$5 per hour), you can pay for 2 hours per day (if you go over the set number of hours, you pay extra, usually at an increased rate), you can pay a flat fee per month for unlimited connection time and there are other options. It all depends on how many hours you want to spend on the Internet
Some days, I spend hours on the Internet and, other days, I pop on for a few minutes each time to check my emails. So, I went for the unlimited connection time option
When choosing an ISP, bear in mind that:
1 They must be local to your area. When you dial up the Internet via their SERVER, you pay the cost of a local phone call only. You don't want to pay long-distance charges every time you dial up the Internet
2 The setup fee shouldn't cost you heaps. Compare a few
3 Do you get unlimited usage for your monthly fee?
4 What type of connection does their host computer have to the Internet? If they have a T3 or a T1 line (very fast Internet connections), this is excellent, but not essential. My ISP does not give out this information, but they will tell you that their modem speed is 56 Kbps
5 Test their customer service by dialing their help line. If you have to hold on for a long time or go from one extension to the other, forget it
6 Ask them what their user-to-modem ratio is and, then, compare it to others. Again, my ISP does not give out this information, but some do
7 Best of all, ask people you know which ISP they use and whether they're happy with the service
The ISP I Chose
CorpLink Internet for Australia
Level 1, 1601 Malvern Road
Glen Iris, Victoria 3146
Ph: 1300 650 202
Fax: 1800 241 524
I chose CorpLink's "Unlimited Time Access Pack", which costs me Aust$39 per month. I paid a once-off setup fee of $25. CorpLink also provided free in-home or office installation and free help and support 7 days a week
To set up a dial-up access account with CorpLink, I rang them. They asked me for my credit card details, my address, phone number and a user name and password that I would like to use for my account with them. They also said that if my computer system was Windows 95 (and it is), I would need the set-up CD Rom (this isn't necessary if you have Windows 98 and it was installed properly)
They then organised for one of their technicians to come to my home and do the installation. This was free of charge and he came within 4 days
CorpLink also hosts web sites (as do most ISPs). This is a totally different account (and SERVER) to the dial-up access account I set up. I chose a US web host, as discussed in "Web Host"
Please email if you have any questions
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