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Step 4: Web Host
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Many people confuse an ISP with a Web Host. ISPs provide their customers with dial-up ACCESS to the Internet and web hosts HOST web sites. Dial-up access and web hosting require totally different accounts and SERVERS. Many ISPs offer both
So, you can choose to have your web site hosted by your local ISP OR you can have your web site hosted by a separate web host. I did. I have a local ISP and a top US web host
When choosing your web host, bear in mind that they need to provide great service, reliable equipment, a high percentage of up times (ie, their SERVERS don't go down) and provide everything you are likely to need as a webmaster. As a guide, I list below what my web host provides. I pay US$49.95 per month (around Aust$80)
1 4,000 MB/mo data transfer
2 60 MB disk space
3 24-hour access to your account
4 Anonymous FTP access
5 Account Control Panel
6 SSL secure server
7 CyberCash support
8 Email services: 1 master POP3 account, 10 configurable POP3 accounts, unlimited mail forwarding to a default address, 20 configurable mail forwarding options, 20 autoresponders
9 CGI Script Capabilities: your own cgi directory, Perl, C, Unix SH, KSH, CSH, Java, Python, Perl script checker utility, FREE guestbook script, FREE real-time chat, FREE discussion forum script, FREE Excite search, FREE random link generator
10 Domain name registration (for US domains)
11 Detailed web usage statistics and access to raw log files
12 30-day money back guarantee
13 24-hour technical support
14 Extensive online documentation
15 MySQL and mSQL databases
16 RealAudio® and RealVideo®
17 Technology: Powerful SGI Origin 200 SERVERS, Customised Apache Web SERVER software, multiple T3 connections on diverse backbones, daily tape backups
The Web Host I Chose
Hiway Technologies, Inc
5050 Blue Lake Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Ph: (800) 339 HWAY (4929) or (561) 989 8574
Fax: (561) 989 8721
Hiway hosts web sites all over the world. I chose Hiway's "Plan 2" account for (my Australian web site) and "Plan 1" account for (my US web site)
Hiway's "Plan 2" account costs me US$50 (around Aust$80) per month and includes access to their SSL Secure SERVER, which I need to have a secure order form on
Hiway's "Plan 1" account costs me US$24.95 (around Aust$50) per month and doesn't include access to their SSL Secure SERVER. I will shortly be needing a secure order form on, so will need to upgrade to a "Plan 2" account
To set up both Hiway accounts, I filled in their order form online at and paid by credit card via their secure SERVER
Hiway Plan 2 - Silver
1 Go to
2 Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Order Now" (this takes you to a "How to Order" screen
3 Ignore "Step 1 - Choose Your Domain" unless you want a US domain name, which Hiway organises on your behalf
"Step 1 - Choose Your Domain"
4 Plan Type: Select Silver - Plan 2
5 Plan Length: Select 3 months (Hiway bills quarterly and automatically debits your credit card every 3 months - they send you an emailed invoice a few days before so you are aware of the debit to your credit card)
This is the minimum plan length. Hiway bills quarterly. Every 3 months, they email their invoice to you and, then, automatically debit your credit card
DON'T check the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions box
7 Click Submit????
Within 24 hours, I received an email telling me that my web site had been activated. It included my user id, password, FTP SERVER name and my IP address (which I used to access my web site while waiting for my domain name to be registered and delegated)
The Domain Name Authority in each country assigns to web hosts a number for each web SERVER they own (this is the SERVER portion of an IP address) and the web host assigns the rest of the IP address to the web sites on the SERVERS they operate
Of course, I immediately jumped on the Internet, keyed in my IP address and saw my Home page for the first time. Pretty exciting! And Hiway had set up a temporary home page saying "Welcome to Nail It Now. This web site is under construction" (which I thought was pretty professional)
As the webmaster of a non-US domain name,, it was my responsibility to register and delegate my own domain name with my local authority (Hiway supplied the names and IP addresses of their 3 Name SERVERS for my delegation form)
Hiway registered and delegated my US domain name,, with the US Authority, InterNIC. I received notification by email within 24 hours that this had been completed and, also, that propagation (in the US, delegation is called propagation) would take 72 hours. Then my domain name was active! Several weeks later, I received InterNIC's registration invoice by email, US$70 (Aus$112) for 2 years
Please email if you have any questions
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