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1 How much does a Multi-User Licence COST?
2 WHY should I order?
3 HOW does it work?
1 How much does a Multi-User Licence COST?
A Multi-User Licence costs Aust$420 (around US$320) . . . and there is NO limit to the number of users and there are NO time constraints
To see what Aust$420 is in your currency, CLICK HERE
A Multi-User Licence applies only to a single facility, eg, this includes a single college campus, but does not include multiple separate campuses
2 WHY should I order?
Children start “hunting and pecking” in Kindergarten to spell their names and other familiar words and, typically, are still “hunting and pecking” in Grades 1-5. Specific hand placement is not taught. Instead, the focus is on students simply becoming comfortable with the keyboard, learning to divide the keyboard into left-hand and right-hand letters, using the space bar and enter key
Ideally, keyboarding should be taught when children first start using computers. 6 or 7 is the average age children start to learn the piano (some begin even earlier), so why do most schools delay formal typing training when touch typing is simply knowing which finger hits which key?
The keyboard is a jumble of letters that don't make sense. Modern typing tutors, with their mindless repetition and typing random letters, even though they are "spiced up" with games, music and falling letters on the screen, do not make sense and are just too complicated for young children
Because of this, children in the classroom "play" with the keyboard for several years. This creates bad habits like typing with two fingers and even abbreviating words AND they have trouble "relearning" the correct way when they eventually are formally taught to touch type
Young children love computers and learning how to do new things, but it needs to be fun, make sense and give them a "Wow, I can do this" feeling. We have come up with a fun, lateral-thinking way of learning the keyboard using quirky association words that has all of these ingredients
If, like us, you believe keyboarding is the most important computer skill you can learn and are frustrated with children in the lower grades "playing" with the keyboard, feel free to give the FREE lesson plan or FREE Previews for Children or Adults a "go"
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2 HOW does it work?
When you order a Nail It Now Typing Tutor Multi-User Licence for your school, we immediately email you the passwords to access the Children's version, Adult version and four lesson plans online.
Unlike other typing tutor programs, Nail It Now Typing Tutor is NOT software, so there's no downloading to your network. In fact, it's different in every way
Children in the lower grades DON'T "play" with the keyboard. They actually learn which finger hits which key using quirky association words to memorise each key. They type in Microsoft Word, as they would in "real life" and there's NO mindless repetition and NO typing random letters
First, we split the keyboard into two identical sides. We felt it would be easier to learn one side at a time. Then, we assigned a quirky sentence to the home row along with association words to the top and bottom rows. It takes around 35 minutes to learn which finger hits which key on the left side of the keyboard and 35 minutes to learn the right side.
Grade Levels K-2 (4 Lessons)
In Lesson 1, the children learn the left side Home row, the Backspace Key and the Space Bar playing a game on a giant keyboard on the floor. In Lesson 2, they learn the left side Top and Bottom rows. In Lessons 3 and 4, they learn the right side of the keyboard
All you have to do is PRINT the four lesson plans, create the giant keyboard on the floor using simple materials, seat the children in a semi-circle around the keyboard on the floor and get started
Grade Levels 3-6 Children's version (2 Lessons)
In Lesson 1, students learn the LEFT side of the keyboard in 35 minutes and spend the rest of the time practising what they have learned
In Lesson 2 students learn the RIGHT side of the keyboard in 35 minutes and spend the rest of the time practising what they have learned
All you have to do is PRINT the 30-page Children's version PDF document containing How It Works and Action pages and left and right side Exercises and create an overhead slide of each page. Students open Microsoft Word and, using an overhead projector, you display on the screen each page in order and follow the simple instructions
Grade Levels 7 On Adult's version (2 Lessons)
You can use the Adult's version in a classroom situation in the same format as the Children's version above or, alternatively, you can load the 30-page PDF document onto your network to be accessed by individual students or you can give each student the passwords to access Nail It Now Typing Tutor online
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