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The Nail It Now typing tutor method is a non-software teaching method
1 There's no mindless random letter typing repetition. A fast, fun memory-association method is used to teach the letters on the keyboard and correct finger use
2 Within 5 minutes of starting, students type words, not random letters, giving them a sense of "Wow, I can do this"
3 Classroom teachers require no technical expertise or training, nor do they need to monitor students. Removable adhesive dots are placed on the alpha keys of all class computers
4 Students are not "locked" in a computer program. They type in Microsoft Word, as they do in "real" life. This means that students can continually practice keyboarding as part of their daily keyboard use until it becomes automatic
5 Students learn the letters on the keyboard and correct finger use in 2 hours and this is a once-off activity. There are many fun ways to reinforce this learning and no "danger" of students reverting back to typing with two fingers
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