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The Nail It Now typing tutor method is a simple and effective teaching method
Learning the letters on the keyboard and correct finger use is a fast and fun whole class activity
1 Students use two sentences to memorize the left and right side home row keys and quirky association words for the top and bottom rows
2 In just 5 minutes, students type nine words without looking at the keyboard, giving them an immediate sense of achievement
Practising this newly-learned computer skill as part of daily keyboard use in school and at home easily enables students to reach the goal of "automaticity"
1 Keyboarding can easily be reinforced in class and at home, even if access to computers is limited. The quirky association words can be revised in a 5-minute mini-lesson in class or at the kitchen table while a parent is preparing dinner
2 Keyboarding can easily be integrated with the class curriculum. Students learn keyboarding in Microsoft Word, which is a natural progression to typing their stories, essays, Powerpoint reports, published pieces, etc. "Proper" typing, eventually, becomes an automatic process
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