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FREE Tutorial 1
Getting Started (CONFIDENCE Builder)
Tutorial 2
Microsoft Word Is Easy When You Know HOW
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Tabs, Tables, Tips and Tricks
Microsoft Word Tutorials
Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials are unique
You learn more in 15 minutes than hours wading through
other Microsoft Word tutorials
"I had to e-mail you in the middle of my new Microsoft Word tutorial to tell you how terrific it is and how much fun I am having. You are so clever. An "idiot" could follow your directions. How did you ever manage to design this wonderful aide? It is instructional AND fun all at the same time"
Barbara Friedman
Baltimore, Maryland USA
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The Secret To Learning Microsoft Word
Learning Microsoft Word scared me almost as much as speaking in public, my worst fear ever. But, why? Computers answer back with that dreaded popping sound when you make a mistake, but they don't kill, wound or even bite you . . . More
Many universities, colleges and schools around the world use Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials as a Microsoft Word resource for their students . . . More
There are three tutorials. Tutorial 1 is FREE to "give you a taste" of the "Nail It Now" way of learning and Tutorials 2 and 3 cost a nominal amount
Microsoft Word Tutorial 1
Getting Started: CONFIDENCE Builder
Microsoft Word Tutorial 2
Microsoft Word Is Easy When You Know HOW
Microsoft Word Tutorial 3
Tabs, Tables, Tips and Tricks
Whether you are a Microsoft Word novice or a current user needing further training, the best way to learn Microsoft Word is to blindly follow steps and, then, SEE the results and gain CONFIDENCE
With all Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials, you get results FAST. This gives you an immediate thrill and CONFIDENCE!
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