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Nail It Now Microsoft Word tutorials are unique
You don't have to think, read masses of text or work anything out for yourself
You blindly follow the steps, obediently clicking this tool, that command, this color box, that square, not having a clue what you are doing
And, when you finish,
"Wow, look what I did . . . it's SO easy"
"Very helpful, non-threatening, fun!"
Barbara Berger
Jerusalem, Israel
July 5,2010
"I have already ordered Tutorial 2 and Typing Tutor. I'm learning a lot"
Gerald Blumenthal
Bellingham, MA USA
October 19, 2009
"I found the free tutorial 1 excellent, it cleared up a few minor points that I did not fully understand. Took about 1 hour to run through it. I'm very happy!"
Clive Davies
Albany Resource Centre, Albany, WA Australia
September 10, 2009
"Your tutorials are great stuff!"
Marvin Colona
Chester Springs, Pennsylvania USA
June 19, 2009
"Well, Georgie, I finally understand. Thank you so much. I am eagerly awaiting Tutorial 2. Thank you so much"
Pamela Abeling
Pakenham, Victoria, Australia
March 13, 2009
"I asked the web for online help with Microsoft Word. I hope the next set of tutorials is as easy. Thank you for this method of teaching"
Wayne Stan
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada
January 31, 2009
"I have finished Tutorial 3. It was SO easy once I knew HOW! There is no stopping me, now"
Harry T Teets
Manitou Beach, MI USA
January 18, 2009
"I can't tell you how rewarding and exciting it was to find and be able to do the first tutorial. That's why I sent for the second and third. I'm a senior and trying to find my way on the computer has been next to imposible. But your tutorial was so clear
Finally I have been able to connect with someone who speaks in a language re computers that I can easily understand (and I almost have a degree in Electrical Engineering, so I have tackled some hard stuff). It's just some people like you have the ability to put matters in plain language that is easily understandable"
James Dunlavy
Highland Park, NJ USA
July 29, 2008
"As a senior with a somewhat short attention span, I greatly appreciate your fun and easy approach to teaching. Many thanks"
Donna Stover
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 7, 2008
"Browsing the web, looking for a tutorial that seemed the most user friendly. I liked the first Word tutorial very much. It was straightforward and simple to understand. I hope Word #2 will be just as simple to understand. Then I hope to go on to #3."
Kimberly Garn
Creston, NC USA
March 30, 2008
"Many thanks for Tutorials 2 & 3, they are so appreciated and now that I have the TIME to enjoy learning from them I realize a month has gone by since I received them, and not one word of thanks from me Ė please forgive me for being so slow on the thanks; but to find lessons that touch my brain in a way that I comprehend is wonderful. I went through the first section on the internet like a house on fire, and this is unusual for me. You are gifted in the way you present learning matter"
Margaret Rittway
Toowoomba, Queensland Australia
March 28, 2007
"WOW! I just by accident found your tutorial today. I bought myself a computer in 1999 and took some courses - to the tune of almost 1000 dollars! I took too much too soon and was overwhelmed
Needless to say, over the years I have looked for many ways to learn without taking one of those zillion dollar courses again. I have used many different books and settled on the ones in which you learn visually. I have even tried the ones advertised on TV. I saw your site mentioned when I was dancing through a directory and I looked under computers. Yours was the last site on the page and of course the one I tried first
It was great. The first tutorial has a lot in it that I had already learned or figured out, but it also taught me things I could have kicked myself for not knowing. I admire your ingenuity and courage and I wish you well in all you do. Thank you very much"
Karen Tipka
Newtown Square, PA USA
June 20, 2006
"I find your products useful and innovative"
Peter Jones
Boston, MA USA
May 11, 2006
"Nice Free Tutorial 1"
Malcolm H Nooning
Pittsburgh, PA USA
October 29, 2005
"I just finished using your Free Tutorial 1 Getting Started (Confidence Builder) and it was wonderful"
Montano M. Shaw
Kansas City, MO USA
October 19, 2005
"1st tutorial very clear and concise "
George W. BELL
Cambridge Park, NSW Australia
September 29, 2005
"Although I knew some of the basics of Word, I was impressed by the simplicity of your Tutorial 1. It has given me confidence to say "Hey, I can do that". With that in mind, I decided to order Tutorial 2 to get on my way. Thanks again"
Renae Small
Tyrinham, NSW Australia
July 31, 2005
"Love your work"
Ruth Ruane
Busselton, Western Australia
July 26, 2005
"Thanks bunches!!! I love your tutorial!!!"
Nancy K Ramey
Williamson, WV USA
July 13, 2005
"Itís a good tutorial, and Iím learning lots"
Susan Boron MD
Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
May 28, 2005
"I have purchased your tutorials for Word for Windows and am VERY IMPRESSED. My sister lives in Germany and has a Macintosh computer. Probably unlikely, but do you have a similar tutorial for Word for Macintosh users? She is struggling to learn how to use the computer between working hours as a teacher of English as a Second Language and I am sure would benefit from your tutorials
Congratulations again and hope you are continuing to enjoy success with your website"
Sandra Armstrong
Neutral Bay, NSW Australia
February 5, 2005
"Thanks for your phone messages and e-mails, all of which I have now received. I can't wait to get started. I have also run through your free Word tutorial and was very impressed. I will definitely be ordering the others in the near future, such a shame I didn't find you before I spent money on lengthy books!"
"I have worked through your excellent typing tutor and am practising now! I love the direct simplicity of your Word tutorials. They speak to me in a way that people who know about computers can't, and I am not stupid, but they like to make you think that you are! So thank you, at last I have found my ideal tutor on the other side of the world"
Mrs Helen Parkes
Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK
January 18 and 27, 2005
"I am very impressed with your tutorial on Microsoft Word. It is obvious a great deal of thought has gone into its preparation. It leaves nothing to chance and anticipates mistakes a novice like me are likely to make. Other tutorials I have seen appear to assume a certain ammount of previous experience which is never helpful. An excellent product. Do you do one for Outlook Express?"
Jack Dewhurst
Accrington, Lancashire, England
January 12, 2005
"I loved PART 1. Very well communicated. Thank you"
Michael Burney
Taos, NM USA
November 29, 2004
"I have found the Free Tutorial 1 helpful and very easy to follow and look forward to improving my "skills" with Tutorial 2"
Mrs D J Wombwell
Fulbourn, Cambridge England
November 28, 2004
"Just went through your Word 2002 Level 1 Free Tutorial. Its brill! I am very interested in the Level 2 and possibly 3"
Carol Watson
Derby, Derbyshire England
August 28, 2004
"I have just finished Tutorial 2: very enjoyable and clear. No doubt I will have to refer to it from time to time, but I feel far more confident and informed. Many thanks"
Frank Bentley
Paphos, Cyprus
August 23, 2004
"I initially wanted a typing program and liked your approach. I got curious and looked at what else you were offering. I got a lot out of the free Word lesson - thank you!"
I also enjoyed reading your story - thank you for sharing that"
Maria Locsei
Falkirk, Scotland
August 13, 2004
"I've throughly enjoyed your very informative website. You make learning these applications very easy"
Pembroke Pines, FL USA
June 22, 2004
"The tutorial has been of great assistance with the project I am working on"
Rhondda Stevens
Glenfield, NSW Australia
May 28, 2004
"I found your Free Tutorial 1, followed it and liked it very much. You are a great teacher"
Paul Crider, Jr.
Hampton, Virginia 23666 USA
April 9, 2004
"I have already taught Tutorial 1, the Free one. Everyone loved it and they are re-registered for the class. We actually had a 100% sign up rate, which is the best ever, I think! So, your tutorial really works for Seniors. It's the only one that they actually like and understand very well. I have now ordered Tutorial 2"
Emily Pfister
Long Branch Community Center
Silver Spring MD USA
February 2, 2004
"The free tutorial was perfect! Now I need the next step to see if I can master this program for legal experience job openings that all require Word skills. I hope others can benefit from knowing just how EASY you make this a learning experience that is truly enjoyable for us "computer dummies"!!!"
Levittown, NY USA
January 21, 2004
"I'm working on Tutorial 2. Your directions and illustrations are excellent! This is the first tutorial I have undertaken. I'm finding that you have clearly outlined easier ways to do most of what I have, by trial and error, managed to beat my way through Word. This allows me to appreciate and utilize what has often been rather frustrating. The "help" on most Windows I find to be next to worthless for a variety of reasons. Thanks again. Your material is very clear and worthwhile"
Dennis Callan
Breckenridge, Colorado USA
January 18, 2004
"I'm enjoying your Tutorial 2. It's clear and purposeful, the best I've found"
Lawrence J. Lewis
South Portland, ME USA
January 11, 2004
"I am right through to the end of Tutorial 3. I think that you have created the best course in practical computer use that I have come across since reluctantly deciding that I must become computer literate some 6 months ago. The logical manner in which one step builds seamlessly upon that preceding has been very well constructed. I was impressed and very grateful to you for your almost immediate replies to my several queries. And, yes, I did enjoy doing the course and feel very satisfied that I have added another string to my septuagenarian bow"
January 7, 2004
"Thanks again. The tutorials are exactly what I needed to get started on Word . . . aging senior citizen that I am!"
December 17, 2003
David Palmer
Nelson, New Zealand
"I ordered the free Word tutorial with the typing tutor and was so impressed I am ordering Tutorial 3"
Doug Skelton
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
December 4, 2003
"I am already working with your tutorials and find them very exciting. I wanted to know if you are going to work on others like Excel, Powerpoint, etc. and, most of all, Word Perfect, which is quite a challenging program. If so, please let me know. Thank you"
November 8, 2003
"I thoroughly enjoyed your free Tutorial 1 and I am eager to start with Tutorial 2. However, I would like a little information with respect to payment, it is most reasonable, but I am a bit leary of sending credit card information over the internet. If there is another way that I can avail myself of your tutorials I would like to know. Contact me as soon as you can with the information request. Once again, thank you for your free tutorial it is excellent"
November 3, 2003
E. Luis Rodriguez
New York, NY 10023 USA
"The Nail It Now Microsoft Word material allowed us to deliver a quality, easy to understand, skills-based course to our students. It is well set out and sequenced, making it easy for teachers to refer students to specific tasks. It allowed students with some knowledge of Microsoft Word to skip through material they already knew. All round a great product
Some feedback from students and familites: "It was great", "I learned so much from this course, it was great", Never mind the kids, I thought it was fantastic", I thought it was really easy to follow and I enjoyed it", "I use Word heaps now"
William Newman, Ph.D
Alice Springs School of the Air
Alice Springs, NT Australia
October 23, 2003
"Thanks for your help. I wish I would have had your tutorials a couple of years ago before I started my book; it would have made things a lot easier for me"
Ralph Tewksbury
Cape Coral, FL USA
October 4, 2003
"I gave myself a test on Tutorials 2 and 3 and I gave myself an A+. Thanks again for helping me out with this program"
October 21, 2003
"Your Tutorial 3 2000 is just great. I thought I knew a lot of things, but I didn't know that much after going through Tutorial 3 2000"
October 1, 2003
"Just wanted to let you know that Microsoft Word Tutorial 2 2000 is going very well. I can't believe how easy it is to follow as compared to the "help button" on the computer. Thank you for your time and effort"
September 23, 2003
Annette Wilson
Manitoba, Canada
"Thank you. I am really enjoying Microsoft Word Tutorial 2; you make it so easy. Thank you again"
Liz Graham
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
September 12, 2003
"Thanks for your help. About to commence Tutorial 2. By the way, the first free tutorial was terrific for someone like me who knows nothing about computers"
Vicki Kirsteins
Sassafras, Victoria, Australia
September 9, 2003
"I enjoyed your free tutorial so much. I'm looking forward to receiving Tutorials 2 and 3. Thanks!"
Marilyn Arkles
Charles City, Virginia USA
September 3, 2003
"Many months ago, I bought your Microsoft Word Tutorials 2 and 3. I don't know if you remember, but I rang you and panicked when you said I had to print the tutorials. But I had a go and printed every one and put the sheets in three folders and made my own books
They turned out great BUT, more importantly, I found the text and the illustrations so easy to follow, they were fantastic. You are a godsend. I am 49 years old and you have opened up so much to me now I have confidence. I am Night Manager at serviced apartments in Sydney with plenty of time on my hands, so I thought I would check to see what you are planning next
You should think about getting schools, or the Education Departments in different states, to use these tutorials as text books. You are brilliant in the exact way you walk the student through the course
Col Stephenson
Sydney, NSW Australia
August 28, 2003
"I think that the tutorials are excellent and easy to follow"
Mildred Walters
British Virgin Islands
July 6, 2003
"I have visually looked over the tutorial. It really is great! I "practiced" the trial version in Word, and it was great to see the progress"
Regina Waters
West Hartford, CT USA
June 26, 2003
"You are making my life a lot easier. I understand you"
Shelley Schaff
Osceola, Iowa USA
June 8, 2003
"They are going great, thanks. I love how they are layed out. They are very easy to follow and comprehenshive. Thanks so much"
Kate Ramos
Wynnewood, PA USA
May 13, 2003
"Thank you for the simplicity of the tutorials. It makes a seemingly complicated program easy!"
Janine Harnell
Concord, CA USA
May 10, 2003
"A friend gave me a copy of your free tutorials. And am I impressed!"
Percy Campbell
Arima, Trinidad
April 1, 2003
"Absolutely brilliant and well presented. I thought it would be difficult but you have made it so easy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from your free tutorial. I feel ready to take on my new job with more confidence."
Sheila Gutteridge
Oxford, UK
March 13, 2003
"I think your simple approach is great. I have found no tutorial like it on the Net. Keep up the good work."
Joseph A Benson
Phoenix Arizona USA
February 20, 2003
"I have just received your Tutorial. I am a computer illiterate and am thrilled having read your free lessons; I am very excited about something I can understand"
Roy Martinez
Nederland, TX USA
February 4, 2003
"That tutorial on Word was among the best and easiest to follow. Looking forward to new tutorials from you, Georgie"
Michio G. Kimura
Seattle, WA USA
January 24, 2003
"Just have to let you know how much I like your tutorials. I am a "senior" and learned the computer a few years ago. Now, I am helping at our Seniors Centre to teach other seniors. I am enjoying it very much and the volunteer work keeps me active and "young"!! With your tutorial I will learn much more. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. Bless you. Best wishes"
Irma Herzig
Vancouver, Canada
January 22, 2003
"I'm getting good hints I can use in 2003 and, some smaller hints that are really helpful. Thanks, the tutorial is so easy to understand"
Bernice Root
El Dorado Springs, MO USA
January 17, 2003
"Hi Georgie, I found your Word tutorials on the internet and they are just wonderful! You should be very proud of your achievements in helping others and sharing your knowledge. Good on ya! Best regards"
Nanci Stone
Auckland, New Zealand
December 26, 2002
"Have tried the freebies and students loved them. Can you do some more on the other MS Office applications?"
Susan J Reeves
Hayes, Middlesex UK
December 18, 2002
"I absolutely love your step-by-step simple-approach tutorials. Please give me access to the rest of Word 97 Tutorials 2 & 3. I am quite sure that at least some of my students will thrive on them"
Waldo Berg
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
December 9, 2002
"I teach honor students during the day and teachers at night, and I think your material is wonderful"
Carol Uhl-Alba
Chicago IL, USA
December 4, 2002
"I'm trying to brush up on my computer skills and I'm so glad that I have discovered your excellent tutorials! They are very comprehensive, and so easy to follow! Well done, Georgie! I'm addicted, and love that I can proceed at my own enthusiastic pace!! With many thanks"
Theresa Spence
Sydney, NSW Australia
November 3, 2002
"Your free tutorial for Word is the best I have found. I am a volunteer at an inter-city church/community center here in Tulsa, OK. They have put together, thru donations, a small computer lab"
Rita Burns
Tulsa, OK USA
October 27, 2002
"I have found your material to be most useful"
Sheila M. Strachan
Mijas, Malaga, Spain
October 20, 2002
Georgie, I just ordered Tutorials 2 and 3 for Word 97. I certainly wish I had found you sooner. Microsoft's "help" just makes me want to shout "help". I stayed up way too late last night working my way through your material. Excellent! It is very clear and very helpful. Thanks"
Dennis Callan
Breckenridge, Colorado USA
October 10, 2002
"I had to e-mail you in the middle of my new tutorial to tell you how terrific it is and how much fun I am having. You are so clever. An "idiot" could follow your directions. How did you ever manage to design this wonderful aide? It is instructional AND fun all at the same time
I sent your site to some friends of mine. It is TERRIFIC!"
Barbara Friedman
Baltimore, Maryland USA
September 26, 2002
"Hi Georgie, You are the BEST. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Your tutorials are so simple and fun"
Wafa A Ghaline
Orlando, Florida USA
September 9, 2002
"I think your work is very good. I really enjoy it and so do my students"
Cheryl Gajadhar
Columbia, SC USA
August 27, 2002
"Georgie, yours has been the best tutorial and the best class that I have ever taken, and I have over 16 yrs of formal schooling and almost 55 yrs of life behind me. I only wish that I had started it a couple of years ago
I had tried the "Help" menu (office assistant) and "Windows For Dummies" to no avail. The information is there if you know what you're looking for, but is almost useless for the novice who does not know "microsoftlanguagespeak"
My wife used to be a pretty good secretary, but has taken almost thirty years off to raise our four kids. She still thinks that an IBM Selectric typewriter with several character balls is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, she is ready to learn, and your course will be her introduction
And your tech support is the best I have ever seen. I couldn't believe my eyes when your first response to my question showed that you had actually read the email and you were not just giving a "canned" reply (as most support sites give, at least initially)"
Kenneth C. Monsey, Sr.
Tunkhannock, PA USA
August 5, 2002
"Got on fine with Tutorial 3. Learned a lot. Thanks Georgie"
Barbara Jepson
Sequim, WA USA
July 17, 2002
"I am an IT Manager/Network Administrator for a small company. I used your MS Word tutorials to develop a lesson plan with which to train the users I support.
Your step-by-step approach is easy to follow and makes the training enjoyable instead of boring. I would love to see similar tutorials on MS Excel as well as other Office applications. Keep up the good work."
Norm Grace,
Network Administrator
American Vulkan Corporation
Winter Haven, FL USA
June 14, 2002
"Do you intend putting up other tutorials such as Microsoft Excel and Access. Both of these are quite difficult to master and I feel that if I had a tutorial to follow which was as clear and concise as your other ones (these are programs that I could heartily recommend to anybody), they would benefit a wide range of people"
William Gasson
Cardiff, South Glamorgan, UK
May 28, 2002
"Your tutorials are great."
Mohammed Izhar
Alta Loma, CA, USA
May 8, 2002
"I've been using Word, including tables, in various versions for some years, but I've never systematically worked through any course on it, so it's good for me to do your tutorial, as there are, of course, things there that have just passed me by up to now. Thanks."
Sue Ahrens
Watford, Herts, UK
April 16, 2002
"Although I knew a few things about Word, I wasn't totally confident in using it (well not confident enough to put on a CV anyway!). After using your Tutorial, I feel much more confident
I also would like to learn how to use Excel confidently. I am eager to learn, but I can't find a tutorial that is as easy as yours"
Chrissy Tasou
Larnaca, Cypress
April 12, 2002
"Georgie, You are a genius. I just love Word 3. It really is easy to understand and I enjoy every minute I get to work with it. God bless, I would like to keep in touch from time to time to see what's new on your tutorials"
Ann Schaw
Inverness, FL, USA
April 8, 2002
"Your site is the best . . . you have such a good talent, it is easy for anyone to learn. Thanks"
Lynn Nelson
Butler, PA, USA
March 9, 2002
"I would like to use some of the information from your Microsoft Word tutorial for an adult Word class I am going to teach. Your information is very easy to follow and would be beneficial because most of these people have very little computer knowledge"
Jackie Schlifer
Holmen, WI, USA
February 15, 2002
"I am very pleased with your Tutorial so far. You have turned something I perceived as overwhelming into something manageable and fun. I'm looking forward to learning more"
Penny Eliasen
Jefferson, Louisiana, USA
February 12, 2002
"My husband says you should be cloned many times over for the world's computer buffs who need your expertise. He and I are very grateful for your detailed efforts to help us. Thanks"
Sarah Lou Miller
Winter Park, Florida, USA
February 10, 2002
"Your tutorial is very good. I learned on Windows 95 and I have found this one to be more superior. I look forward to the next tutorial"
Colleen Matthews
Emu Heights, NSW, Australia
February 9, 2002
"I work in an open access lab for the community where we offer free computer training, Office, e-mail, etc. This is free of charge. Most of our resources come from searching over the internet for sites like yours that offer free tutorials. So far yours is the best. Keep up the good job. Thanks "
Victor Rivera
Rocky Mount, VA, USA
January 4, 2002
"Great program. I don't know how you do it. Many thanks. I bought my first computer in October this year. Its been a real learning experience for a old fellow like me. I am 82 years old"
C T (Til) Thompson
Canutillo, Texas, USA
December 15, 2001
"You are a life savior for putting this tutorial on line. I have a test about Microsoft Word and Excel tomorrow. Please keep up the good work"
Vera C. Strong
Detroit, MI, USA
December 14, 2001
"I really enjoyed the free tutorial lessons. They were a big help to me. Thank you very much"
Barbara J. Johnson
Dallas, Texas, USA
December 10, 2001
"Your tutorial is concise and informative and has been most helpful to me as a novice to computer use. I anxiously await any additional information you add to this program. Thank you so very much"
Elizabeth Giordano
Point Pleasant, NJ, USA
December 2, 2001
"As of today, your tutorial series are among the easiest to understand and apply without another teacher by the side. It is quite refreshing. I look forward to your further work"
Sampson Ibeneme
Benin City, Edo, Nigeria
December 2, 2001
"I am continuing to improve my computer capabilities, thanks in large part to your Tutorials. And they will be a really big help when I start (soon, I hope) to get my wife computer literate. I'm in my mid-seventies and my wife in her early seventies, and both of us are barely able to "get with" any of this high tech stuff. But with help from people like you, we're making a start. Again, many thanks
Happy to give you my testimonial, and for you to use it. I give recommendations only when I feel it is truly genuine"
Louis C. Rosetti, St. Petersburg
Florida, USA
November 27, 2001
"Your program is wonderful - much easier to understand than the various books for dummies - I look forward to your next tutorial"
Donna Murphy
West Hempstead, NY, USA
November 1, 2001
"I think your site is fantastic. I will certainly be back to purchase additional tutorials. Thanks heaps"
Denise Campbell
Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia
October 30, 2001
"Hey, it's really great. What is really worthwhile speaks for itself! I also enjoyed your typing demo"
Fremont, CA, USA
October 19, 2001
"I have understood your Microsoft Word better than any book I have read"
Jean Casselberry
Florida, USA
October 16, 2001
"Thank you, your tutorials were very useful"
Andrew Maliha
Aleppo, Syria
October 16, 2001
"I graduated from Melbourne University and was looking for easy information on Microsoft Word that I can use to teach my students. I found that your Tutorial helped a lot
It is a very good web site for Microsoft Word tutorials. The illustration is clear and straightforward. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep up the good works!!"
Dr. Prayad Pokethitiyook
Mahidol University
Bangkok, Thailand
October 11, 2001
"Very impressed! Like the bite-by-bite approach. Thanks"
Mary E O'Connor
Mountain View, CA, USA
October 9, 2001
"These are very good and simple to follow tutorials"
Celia Brooks
The Valley, Anguilla
October 9, 2001
"I have been trying to do "catch up" on my computer. However, the technology is moving so fast that I will quickly move to something else without really learning the basics
This is exactly what I have been yearning for. Some of the information I will know and, then, you will put something in that I never had a reason to learn. I've gone through your free Tutorial 1 and I am looking forward to Tutorial 2"
Colleen Schumacher
Larimore, ND, USA
October 4, 2001
"Wonderful study. I had been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks again"
Betty Dupree
Dale City, VA, USA
October 4, 2001
"I've learned a lot from your tutorial, but I suspect I have a lot more to learn. Thanks so much"
Kathy Baker
Windsor, Co, USA
October 3, 2001
"I cannot believe the effort and time you have put in to giving free tutorials. Congratulations. I am interested in hearing about any tutorials available to purchase as your format is very good. I am a typist from the past and have taught myself Word, etc with a very little bit of self-paced, upsupervised studies at Tafe College - a waste of time"
Jill Luke
Gordon, Victoria, Australia
September 29, 2001
"Can I just say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your site is a God-send! I just found it today via random search for Microsoft Word tutorials. You are so awesome to share your knowledge with others - and for free. I look forward to learning without fear!!!"
Jennifer Walker
Monrovia, CA, USA
September 24, 2001
"Your tutorials are easy to follow. Please continue"
Robin Evans
West Friendship, Maryland, USA
September 24, 2001
"Really enjoyed tutorials. Easy when you know how!"
Christine Bowie
Carrum Downs, VIC, Australia
September 19, 2001
"Your instructions are great. Looking forward to seeing the complete tutorial. Much, much better than interactive training. Keep up the fantastic work"
Laurette Inocco
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
September 16, 2001
"Nice work. Thank you"
Dennis Forier
Clifton Park, NY, USA
September 12, 2001
"I am a school teacher, grades K-8. My children have learned a lot using your tutorials. Thank you and keep up the good work"
Michael Williams
Detroit, Michigan, USA
September 9, 2001
"You have a real talent; your step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow. Thanks"
New South Wales, Australia
September 6, 2001
"I have so much enjoyed doing these tutorials. I find them easy to understand and also to follow. Keep up the good work"
Penny Barnes
Kelowna, B.C., Canada
August 18, 2001
"I have been using your Tutorial 1 online and find it easy to understand and very, very helpful with regard to how to use Windows. I would like to know if I could make copies for about 12 teachers in my school and use it with them
I would also like to refer them to your web site for further practice and learning. We are switching to Word from WordPerfect and our teachers need a little bit of help to convert
Thanks for your help! Keep up the good work! The tutorial is wonderful. I learned a lot about Word that I did not know"
August 18, 2001
I made copies of Tutorial 1 and used it with my 12 teachers. They loved it. I recommended your web site to them to practice and to look for more tutorials. I really appreciate your allowing me to use the tutorials
Victor L. Meadows
Pamplin, VA, USA
July 24, 2001
"Students and parents have worked with your Microsoft Word Tutorial 1. 5th and 6th grade students found it easy to work with and it has helped parents learn more about computers. It has also helped me get more parents into the classroom to learn. I have ordered Tutorial 2"
Martha Rivera
Santa fe, NM, USA
July 10, 2001
I would like a copy of your new tutorial when it is ready. I was very confused about Microsoft Word because I didn't have a lot of general computer experience. I went through your Tutorial 1 and was totally amazed at how much I learned
Now, I feel like I could write a letter with no problem at all and I really appreciate how helpful it was. Don't forget to send me Tutorial 2 - I'm eager to get started"
Brenda Houghtelling
Hayward, California, USA
May 17, 2001
"I have completed Tutorial 2 and found it extremely helpful. It was easy to follow and has increased my knowledge of Word. Many thanks!"
Dr Barbara Denton
School of Law and Legal Studies,
La Trobe University,
Bundoora VIC Australia
May 13, 2001
"I can't begin to thank you enough for taking the time for these tutorials. They are very helpful and self-explanatory. My girlfriend can't wait to move on to Number 2!!! Keep up the good work and thanks again!"
Scott Pearson
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
February 10, 2001
"Thanks. I enjoyed the first one "
Jennifer Patton
Mishawaka, IN, USA
February 9, 2001
"I was very impressed with Tutorial 1. I am head of the computer club in our 55+ community and will use it to help senior citizens get started with their first computer. Also our Church is starting an after school program in connection with a local middle school and I will be giving a beginners computer class. Now I have my lesson plan"
Dave Hardy
Tucson, AZ, USA
January 27, 2001
"I thought your instructions for MS Word were great. Simple, easy to follow (especially for beginners). You are doing a fine job. Thanks again"
Ishan Ali
Sydney, NSW, Australia
January 25, 2001
"Thank you so much for your Microsoft word tutorial. I recently got a new computer and I'm lost in cyberspace . . . not a clue here . . . and you have been very helpful. I read your story and it's an inspiration. Again, thank you"
Patricia Jankowski
Clinton Township, Michigan, USA
September 26, 2000

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