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Step 6: How To Display Toolbars & Ruler
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Menu Bar
Menu Bar
The Title Bar and Menu Bar are automatically displayed
Formatting Toolbar
If the Formatting Toolbar is NOT displayed:
1 On the Menu Bar, click View and its menu appears
2 Move your mouse DOWN to Toolbars. It becomes SELECTED (highlighted) and its menu appears
3 Making sure you stay on the SELECTED area, move your mouse ACROSS Toolbars to its menu
4 Move your mouse OVER Formatting and, when it becomes SELECTED, click ONCE
Standard Toolbar
If the Standard Toolbar does NOT appear:
5 On the Menu Bar, click View
6 Move DOWN to Toolbars
7 Move ACROSS Toolbars to its menu and click Standard
If the Ruler does NOT appear:
8 On the Menu Bar, click View
9 Move DOWN to Ruler and, when it becomes SELECTED, click ONCE
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