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FREE Tutorial 1
Getting Started (CONFIDENCE Builder)
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Microsoft Word Is Easy When You Know HOW
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FREE Microsoft Word 97 Tutorial 1
Getting Started (CONFIDENCE Builder)
You don't have to think, read masses of text or work anything out for yourself You blindly follow the steps and, when you finish,
"Wow, look what I did . . . it's SO easy"
CLICK HERE for 97 version CLICK HERE for XP 2002 version
CLICK HERE for 2000 version CLICK HERE for XP 2003 version
CLICK HERE to find out WHAT version is on your computer
Table of Contents
Step 1 Your Desktop
Step 2 Start Microsoft Word
Step 3 Your Mouse
Step 4 How To Hold & Move Your Mouse
Step 5 Your Screen
Step 6 How To Display Toolbars & Ruler
Step 7 Which Bar Is Which?
Step 8 Your Text Area
Step 9 Your Flashing Cursor
Step 10 Click To Get Flashing Cursor
Step 11 Double Click To Select A Word
Step 12 Insert Text
Step 13 Delete Text
Step 14 Microsoft Word Default Settings
Step 15 Microsoft Word Tools
Step 16 Formatting Toolbar
Step 17 Drop-Down Boxes
Step 18 Scrolling In Drop-Down Boxes
Step 19 Move Out Of Your White Text Area
Step 20 Your Screen Scroll Bars
Step 21 Your View Tools
Step 22 Use Your Screen Scroll Bars
Step 23 Scroll Faster With Scroll Box
Step 24 Standard Toolbar
Step 25 Menu Bar
Step 26 Ruler
Step 27 Close Your Document
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FREE Microsoft Word 97 Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
"Microsoft Word Is Easy When You Know HOW"
follows on from Tutorial 1
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